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Casas Church

We were hired to update and revamp the interior of the main auditorium. We ripped out existing high rise bleachers and created comfortable and inviting spaces in the back of the auditorium. On one side we created a coffee bar, where people can mingle and chat in between services as well as kick back at the tables during the service. On the opposite side we created a "living room" environment equipped with deep seating and even a kids play area. This area was created to have a space where people can meet the pastors, ask questions and pray for specific needs. We also created an info center within this space.

With the lofty ceilings, our challenge was to create warmth. We built walls surrounding these two spaces and covered them with reclaimed wood. We also created custom made chandeliers using faux beams and Edison lighting.

All furniture was custom designed. We chose a combination of 3 colors of auditorium seating to tie in with our overall color scheme.

This project was a blessing to us! It was near and dear to our hearts as it is our home church.

Casas Church